Can you replace watch batteries?

Yes, please bring into our Edwards store in Riverwalk for Tom to check.

Can you take links out of watch bands?

Yes, usually. Please bring into Tom in the Edwards store.

Do you do appraisals?

Yes and no. We only appraise jewelry Tom makes or you purchase from Hughes.

Will I find a better price somewhere else online on a piece of designer jewelry you sell?

No, we have very competitive prices and offer the lowest price possible.

Do you do custom work?

Yes, we will be happy to meet with you or communicate by email to create your unique piece of jewelry. If you have a ring you would like to upgrade or redesign, we can help you with that in our Edwards store or email info@hughesjewlery.com for more information.


karat- weight measurement of gold; 24k is pure gold

carat- weight measurement of diamonds or other stones

polished finish- high shine, smooth finish for gold or metal

satin finish- a scratched or matte style finish for gold or metal

silk cord- a 100% silk string used as a necklace

pav√©- a method used to set diamonds to make a smooth surface; from the french word meaning “to pave”

cttw- (carat total weight) the total diamond carat weight in the piece of jewelry